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“Grand Theft Childhood” & the top 4 ridiculous game controversies

Posted by nicolapallitt on November 1, 2009

Comments on this YouTube Video:

Followthategg (3 months ago):  “It’s just stupid. People don’t know what connects these to. YES computer games affect your emotions however everything you do affects your emotions, driving does, music does, reading does. But what NONE of these do is makes you get a gun and shoot at people. People who blame music or games for crimes are just looking for a simple scap goat when there is never a one answer to such behaviour and the sooner people get that drilled into their thick skull, the better!”
cooldudefr (4 months ago): “yeah they are right and i mean im 15 right , if im really pissed off and want to go and kill someone i just play gta 4 and kill thousands of people in the game untill its out of my system”
metalgear31907 (5 months ago): “yay awesome something else for parents to blame besides their shitty parenting skills! wtf ever man. great vid it is time to educate these fuck sticks that videogame are not to blame!”
regaj19 (5 months ago): “fuck fox news they bash on every fucking thing that has to do with free speech”

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