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About Me

Nicola Pallitt
University of Cape Town, South AfricaS5000367-5

I recently completed my masters thesis in Media Studies and am currently pursuing a PhD.  My MA dissertation contributes to a broader understanding of how learning takes place in under-resourced South African schools where networked computer labs have recently been made available for the first time. My research interests include the use of digital media for educational purposes and young people’s engagement with new media products as play and potential sites for informal learning. I enjoy participating in conversations within a variety of disciplines and research communities: Media Studies, Education, Multimodality, New Literacy Studies, Ludology (Game Studies)


The preliminary title and intro for my PhD:
“Playing in my world: Exploring children’s play and representations of digital games at two primary schools in Cape Town”
The aim of this project is to investigate meanings of digital games and play among groups of 10-12 year old children at two primary schools in Cape Town. The schools were chosen as research sites with the intention of investigating children from different socio-economic backgrounds. They will also allow an understanding of the kinds of variations in children’s play that may be associated, first, with differential access to digital games and, second, more broadly, with children’s involvement in consumer culture in general (both as individuals and also via their parents and broader social networks). This study focuses on exploring the meanings of children’s play through a study of their representations of games and how they enact the contextual meanings of digital games during play.



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